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McDougall is the independent charitable trust that promotes public understanding of electoral democracy.

McDougall Trust exists to advance knowledge and understanding of, and research into, the forms, functions and development of electoral democracy.

McDougall has developed a longstanding focus on representative institutions, voting systems and elections, whether in government at local, regional, national and international level, or in other bodies, such as political parties, companies, trade unions, community groups, charities and other voluntary organisations.

McDougall's Main Activities, through which its purposes are carried out either directly or via arrangements with others, are:

REPRESENTATION Journal of Representative Democracy is McDougall Trust's unattributed peer-reviewed journal published quarterly in association with Taylor & Francis, see: Representation | Taylor & Francis Online (;

Archives and other collections : maintaining McDougall's collections of historic archives, pamphlets, books, personal correspondence and other materials on representative democracy including elections and electoral issues (this contains the Enid Lakeman electoral studies library).

In late 2023 the Trust was pleased to reach an agreement to deposit the archive collection at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick. It is not currently available to the public, pending sorting and cataloguing work.

Encouraging, supporting, or providing :

McDougall's potential audiences include policy makers, legislators, election organisers, election monitors, researchers, political scientists, historians, teachers, academics, pollsters, students, reformers, campaigners, activists, journalists, commentators, leaders, members, selectors, candidates, all those in institutions and associations that aspire to democracy or use election processes, and anyone interested in how democratic societies are - or could be - governed.

McDougall Trust - Promoting public understanding of electoral democracy.

McDougall Trust is independently run and funded. It welcomes legacies and other donations in support of its charitable work.

Charity No. 212151   (Registered as Arthur McDougall Fund)

News ...

1 Mar 2024

McDougall Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of new editors to its highly respected publication REPRESENTATION Journal of Representative Democracy.

Dr Simona Guerra of University of Surrey and Dr Javier Sajuria of Queen Mary University of London will take over as editors with the publication of the first edition in 2024, which marks the beginning of the journal’s sixtieth volume. Launched in 1908 as the house newsletter of the Proportional Representation Society and later the Electoral Reform Society, REPRESENTATION is a peer reviewed academic journal that seeks to explore the interface between democratic practice and theory.

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By: McDougall Trust

Our key observations plus some questions arising from the UK EU Referendum and US Presidential election

Journal of Representative Democracy

McDougall Trust's quarterly journal published in association with Taylor & Francis


Support for Research and Information Dissemination, including grant making

McDougall Trust encourages research and information dissemination in the field of electoral democracy.

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